This program is designed to develop the expertise of students to carry out medical work in diagnostic laboratories and reagents, or manufacturing units.It extends and improves life. It alleviates pain, injury and handicap. Its role in healthcare is essential.

Medical Technology may also refer to the duties performed by clinical laboratory professionals in various settings within the public and private sectors. The work of these professionals encompass clinical applications of chemistry,geneticshematologyimmunohematology (blood banking), immunologymicrobiologyserologyurinalysis and miscellaneous body fluid analysis.


Our Vision

The vision of the Radiologic Technology envisions itself to become a leading institution in providing the industry with locally oriented but globally competitive radiologic technology professionals whose knowledge, skills and attitude are on a par with international standards and new global thrusts.

Our Mission

SSLC College of Radiologic Technology is committed to developing students to become excellent in academic, values, and ethical practice by integrating activities in the curriculum that are aligned with the clinical, didactic and practical objectives as well as the academic domains and learning arts necessary for the delivery of exemplary patient care in diagnostic imaging, by aligning the academic program with global issues, trends and practices to enhance its role as a principal community resource for professional workers in the field, and by providing programs of continuing in-service education to the individual and collective needs of the faculty members and officers.

Our Values

The Program of Radiologic Technology embraces the core values of the university by fostering opportunities for collaboration, respect for diversity, demand for excellence and opportunity for students to learn to practice in an ethical community.


  1. To produce competitive Medical Technologists who will deliver primary health care in the region and the country.
  2. To offer medical technology education that responds effectively to the health needs and problems of the community, the country and the world.
  3. To provide qualified young men and women in the region access to affordable quality medical education.

Working Abroad

  • Working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Alberta, Canada

Medical Laboratory Technologists can live and work virtually anywhere in Alberta, as their skills are in demand in both urban and rural areas. Working in rural hospitals and clinics allows MLTs the chance to work in some of the most beautiful landscapes across Alberta.

  • Medical Laboratory Technologists a U.S. News & World Report “Best Career” for 2011

Annual survey of high-demand careers, Editors at the respected news magazine declared “clinical lab technicians and technologists” to be the “unsung heroes of the healthcare industry.”


The BS Laboratory Science Curriculum is being reviewed to integrate short certificate courses that will enable students to be employed even when they are still studying or in case they are not able to finish their Bachelor’s Degree.