Why BS Pharmacy at SSLC?

The Students are trained in their field through five areas : Hospital, Industrial, Community, Institutional and Public Health & Regulatory Pharmacy. On-campus courses are done in air-conditioned classrooms. Laboratories are equipped with complete equipment and materials  where students have all the opportunities to practice their skills. Students are taught to identify and provide proper use of drugs for safe and effective medication. Graduates obtained 100% passing rate in the 2019 Pharmacist Licensure Examination. It’s affiliated with notable pharmacy industries  for internship such as  the   Las Pinas Doctors Hospital, Mercury Drug, Unilab, and FDA.  Faculty update their industry and content knowledge by attending seminars conducted by Philippine Pharmacist Association (PPhA), Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (PACOP).

Overview / Program Description

Pharmacy education is a four year Bachelor’s Degree which provides a broad spectrum of scientific training and can lead to employment in a wider range of scientific fields principally in higher education institutions, community drug stores, hospitals, in government agencies, research establishments, public health and pharmaceutical industry

After finishing the program, the graduate shall have acquired and developed the knowledge, skills, aptitude and competencies in:

1.Conducting scientific research methods and processes;

2.Developing drugs for prevention, diagnosis, mitigation and treatment of diseases of  man and animals;

3.Identifying, compounding/manufacturing, storing and dispensing of drugs;

4.Managing drug establishments based on sound entrepreneurial practice;


  • Curriculum is compliant with International standards and national statutory requirements and is based on the CMO No.3 Series of 2006
  • Curriculum is available upon request at the South SEED-LPDH College Office