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May 8, 2021



Dhanielle Laza

Dhanielle Lois R. Lazo, RMT

” South SEED-LPDH College has hardworking professors and staff who are capable of coming to the aid of aspiring allied health professionals. “

Dimple Zafe

Dimple Glydel A. Zafe, RPh

” What I learned in SSLC college years became my foundation in preparing for the board exams. The mock board exams gave me a taste of how it will be in real PRC Board exams. It contributed to the confidence I needed while I was battling with worriment about the exam. “

Calvin Crisostomo

Calvin Andrews Crisostomo, RRT

” We were only 10 in our class and we studied together as a class to be able to overcome challenges especially during board exams. I remember in SSLC has helped us during our review for the board exam. The environment in SSLC created has been our foundation to become a licensed professional,  and I’m very thankful for the guidance that this school had given us. “

Jerimiah Navarro

Jeremiah G. Navarro, RRT

” I am very grateful to SSLC. The school has been the foundation of my career as a radiologic technologist. It has taught me the value of leadership, the value of education, and also the value of family. Without this school I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dream as Radiologic Techonologist.

Myka Lousie Lopena

Myka Louise P. Lopena, RPh

” The pressure was there, yes, but SSLC has taught me make the most out of life and focus on what I’ve been dreaming since I entered the Pharmacy life.”

Liberty Joy Agcaoili

Liberty Joy Agcaoili, RMT

” I’m not really a fortunate like other people and I cannot really afford the tuition of my chosen course but because of SSLC and their scholarship I was able to achieve my dream, I am now a registered medical technologist and this was made possible because of SSLC.”


Tricia C. del Ocampo, RMT

“ A plant needs to be taken care of well for it to bloom beautifully. Like a plant, I was carefully nurtured by SSLC to become who I am today. I didn’t just become a competent and globally competitive Medical Technologist but I also become someone who is ready to face the world. To my professors and mentors in SSLC I am forever grateful.  ”