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June 2, 2021

Enrollment is ongoing

May 8, 2021


December 21, 2020

Upcoming Online Quiz Show on 2021

May 15, 2020

Letter from the President

April 21, 2020

Message from the President

April 3, 2020

FAQs: SSLC Online Classes

November 20, 2017



Dhanielle Laza

Dhanielle Lois R. Lazo, RMT

” South SEED-LPDH College has hardworking professors and staff who are capable of coming to the aid of aspiring allied health professionals. “

Dimple Zafe

Dimple Glydel A. Zafe, RPh

” What I learned in SSLC college years became my foundation in preparing for the board exams. The mock board exams gave me a taste of how it will be in real PRC Board exams. It contributed to the confidence I needed while I was battling with worriment about the exam. “

Calvin Crisostomo

Calvin Andrews Crisostomo, RRT

” We were only 10 in our class and we studied together as a class to be able to overcome challenges especially during board exams. I remember in SSLC has helped us during our review for the board exam. The environment in SSLC created has been our foundation to become a licensed professional,  and I’m very thankful for the guidance that this school had given us. “

Jerimiah Navarro

Jeremiah G. Navarro, RRT

” I am very grateful to SSLC. The school has been the foundation of my career as a radiologic technologist. It has taught me the value of leadership, the value of education, and also the value of family. Without this school I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dream as Radiologic Techonologist.

Myka Lousie Lopena

Myka Louise P. Lopena, RPh

” The pressure was there, yes, but SSLC has taught me make the most out of life and focus on what I’ve been dreaming since I entered the Pharmacy life.”

Liberty Joy Agcaoili

Liberty Joy Agcaoili, RMT

” I’m not really a fortunate like other people and I cannot really afford the tuition of my chosen course but because of SSLC and their scholarship I was able to achieve my dream, I am now a registered medical technologist and this was made possible because of SSLC.”


Tricia C. del Ocampo, RMT

“ A plant needs to be taken care of well for it to bloom beautifully. Like a plant, I was carefully nurtured by SSLC to become who I am today. I didn’t just become a competent and globally competitive Medical Technologist but I also become someone who is ready to face the world. To my professors and mentors in SSLC I am forever grateful.  ”