Alexander Fleming discovered the wonder drug penicillin. And a lot of people were saved from death! Marie Curie did a lot of work on radioactivity and won Nobel Prize. Today, the world needs cure for CANCER and other DEADLY diseases. The world needs committed and forward-looking laboratory practitioners to discover the cure for such diseases.

Be THE ONE! Be the modern-day Fleming or Marie Curie!

So, why enroll in SSLC and not in other schools offering the programs that we offer?

Simple. Check out the following reasons:

1. What other schools that have been existing for even a 100 years offer the same curriculum that we do. So what’s the difference if SSLC is new?

ADVANTAGE in enrolling in SSLC: Our curriculum is infused with add-on programs that can be of use to students after graduation:

1.1. Comprehensive English communication skills development – students undergo the TOEIC test and are given the necessary tutorial so they can pass the international standards. TOEIC is an English test that is recognized by companies abroad.

1.2. Embedded short certificate programs that will allow graduates to work in hospitals or clinics even without passing the board licensure exam yet.

1.3. SSLC is managed by Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) – the number one school of nursing south of Manila that produced a Board topnotcher (6th batch of graduates, June 2013). SISC School of Nursing has the highest passing rate south of Manila: 89.4 as against the national passing rate of 42.8% only.

2. All schools may have an in-house review center. SSLC has one, too.

ADVANTAGE in enrolling in SSLC: High expectancy rate of board exam passing.  The deans are reviewers of board topnotchers.

3. All schools provide facilities for their students.

ADVANTAGE in enrolling in SSLC: Being a new school, SSLC provides new and modern facilities. All laboratory equipment and facilities, library books, and journals are all new and approved by CHED and the Board of Advisers.

4. SSLC Faculty. Experts in their fields. One is TOP 2 in the Medical Technology Board Exams. They have industry practice abroad.